Wednesday, August 11, 2010

To Blog or Not To Blog

...that is the question...and the answer is....I don't know...but I'll try again.. Hello, it's been 4 months since I've much has happened since then that it is impossible to tell. SO..I'll just start as if I've never left.
Some Ewe lambs born: spring 2010

I've learned and experienced a lot this summer...mostly just how much work and responsibility ...and what it REALLY means to be a SHEPHERD (and farmer) can be a lifestyle that brings lots of satisfaction..but there also is backbreaking hard work, stress, worry, and soul searching decisions to be made. That said, I am plugging along determined to live in this beautiful, serene place and make a go out of what I've set out to do. SO, we'll divide the next couple of blogs into 2 sections, the first: The downsides of summer 2010..the second: The upsides of summer be continued..... meanwhile I'll share some of the magic of photoshop elements with you...

Rosemary...a terrific, powerhouse ewe...turned into art

Pixilated Marilyn.... a true beauty

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  1. Are these CVM/Romeldale sheep? That's what I raise in Northwest Washington State. I'm a retired nurse and we have had our farm for three years.