Wednesday, August 11, 2010

To Blog or Not To Blog

...that is the question...and the answer is....I don't know...but I'll try again.. Hello, it's been 4 months since I've much has happened since then that it is impossible to tell. SO..I'll just start as if I've never left.
Some Ewe lambs born: spring 2010

I've learned and experienced a lot this summer...mostly just how much work and responsibility ...and what it REALLY means to be a SHEPHERD (and farmer) can be a lifestyle that brings lots of satisfaction..but there also is backbreaking hard work, stress, worry, and soul searching decisions to be made. That said, I am plugging along determined to live in this beautiful, serene place and make a go out of what I've set out to do. SO, we'll divide the next couple of blogs into 2 sections, the first: The downsides of summer 2010..the second: The upsides of summer be continued..... meanwhile I'll share some of the magic of photoshop elements with you...

Rosemary...a terrific, powerhouse ewe...turned into art

Pixilated Marilyn.... a true beauty

Friday, April 9, 2010

Winter attempted

to rear it's feeble head 2 nights ago. Just as I was starting to take spring for granted.

..and I should know better than that here in Wisconsin. Just the day before I walked this pasture with my dogs and noticed some of the grass was almost 6 inches tall..... Imminent pasture management plans started reeling in my head.

But old man winter thought otherwise, at least for one more day.

SO, why not try to enjoy the beauty of it..and stay busy.

Besides it didn't seem to bother my dog GeminEye (Gemmie) one single bit. For her, it was fun!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Meet Phenomenal Bean

Son of Phenantha Bean. Born 3/31/2010. This was the long awaited last birth of the season---one month behind the rest of the births. Phenantha is a beautiful type A pygora goat (Type A pygora goats have fleece characteristics like an Angora goat).

I'm so happy for Phenantha. She is a very good mother..proud and protective. Phenomenal is nursing well and already trying to keep up with the other kids -- who are way ahead of him.

Phenantha Bean is my only type A and white Pygora Goat. I'm guessing that Phenomenal Bean will have a type A fleece as well. I have found the type A fleece to be a pleasure to work -- it takes up color in dye with gusto and blends with the CVM to make a "very yummy" combination (visually and tactilely). I am planning on keeping Phenomenal as a buck. I have 3 does who are not related to him and have type B and/or type C fleece. They are: light brown, gray, and dark brown. I'm thinking it would be interesting to try breeding Phenomenal with these does. SO, I'll keep a close watch on this handsome young buck... and I'll keep you updated on his path.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Life should be an adventure...

So why not make part of the adventure writing a blog about the adventure???

Hello, and welcome to the Lilac Ridge Farm blog.

My name is Therese and I live in southern Wisconsin just south of Madison. I live on a 47 acre farm with my husband (Steve) and 2 of my children (Andrew and Emily). My oldest daughter (Vanessa) lives in Madison with her husband (Costa) and 2 children (Isabella and Annalise). We moved here 5 years ago from Iowa City----It was a career change "thing" for my husband and a chance to live near our oldest daughter. Our goal was to find a home on a 3-5 acre lot so our 2 dogs with "bad city manners" could run and bark. Well.....we kind of got distracted by the sound of angels singing when we were shown the property on Ridge Drive in Primrose Township. My husband was enchanted...albeit, he didn't realize the work (and arguably still doesn't...I do most of it...but that's OK..) and the commute involved. As for me, the farm girl/tom boy I grew up as was reborn!!

The farm house is new, but built to look old. It sports, in my opinion, some of the most exciting features. It has a large mudroom, big farm sink, and expansive kitchen pantry. It has a large unfinished basement suitable for lots of organized storage AND a fiber studio. In addition, the walls are thick and filled with insulation and the windows are solid. The views out the windows are to die for AND the craftsmanship is extraordinary!!.

But that was only a part of the discovery...The astounding views of Ridge Drive and the Primrose Township sealed the deal. We were in love!!!

So we bought the house..along with 47 acres...and I started dreaming of farming. However, there was no farm...only a house and some land. SO..the farm girl went to work...NOW...let's fast forward 5 years: A barn and several outbuildings have been built, landscaping and gardens have been planted, fences have been erected, a gator was purchased, sheep and goats have moved in, many other critters have joined us, a pharmacist has gone on sabbatical and a farm business featuring sheep and goats has emerged.

SO the journey begins...please join me..and enjoy the experience.